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The Benefits of Physical Therapy

If you are receiving chiropractic care, having physical therapy as part of your routine has several benefits. Our team at Spinal Health and Rehab Integrative Medicine in Punta Gorda provides physical therapy as part of many of our patient’s treatment plans.

Maximize Your Movement

Physical therapists and chiropractors help identify and treat movement problems. We can then maintain or restore as much function as possible. Physical movement is important to your wellness to help maximize your health, manage pain, and maintain your independence.

Getting the Recommended Amount of Physical Activity

This can benefit your mental, physical, and social health. Movement can also help with chronic conditions, such as depression, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Physical therapy can help patients overcome barriers to physical activities.

Avoid Opioids

Opioids can be necessary in some cases, but these drugs typically only mask the pain. Our chiropractors help manage your pain without using opioids and avoiding the risks associated with using these medications.

Avoid Surgery

With help managing the pain and improving your movement problems, you may be able to avoid surgery. Physical therapy and chiropractic care can reduce the symptoms of certain chronic conditions and diseases. They can also prevent problems from becoming worse. While surgery may not be avoidable in some cases, before you choose a surgical solution, give physical therapy a try.

Minimize Further Injuries

Chiropractors and physical therapists work with you to improve your core strength, strengthen your body, and lead you to greater balance. If you have better balance, this leads to fewer falls and this means fewer injuries. We can also look at the vulnerable points in your body where an injury could be likely. We can create a regiment that strengthens and targets these weak joints and muscles to help minimize further injuries.

Visit Spinal Health and Rehab Integrative Medicine in Punta Gorda, FL

If you are looking to maximize your health and enjoy the benefits of physical therapy, call our team at Spinal Health and Rehab Integrative Medicine today at (941) 205-2180 to schedule a consultation.

  • This place is great!!! Everyone is so friendly and easy to work with. Big shoutout to Dr. V, he is such a great, caring, and knowledgeable guy. They do not waste your time here. Bob and Fern hold down the Physical Therapy. Both of them put you and your needs first. Not only do they help you and work on you, they explain what they are doing and why!! Definitely recommend Spinal Health & Rehab

    - Alex K.


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