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Massage Therapy

If you're in the Port Charlotte, Arcadia, North Port, Cape Coral, or North Fort Myers areas and are interested in the benefits of massage therapy, Spinal Health and Rehab Integrative Medicine is here to help. Choosing this therapy can be great as a standalone option, and can also complement other treatments you may be interested in.


What Does Massage Therapy Offer?

Massage therapy can offer opportunities for pain relief, and is often coupled with chiropractic care to provide additional benefits. If you're looking for a chiropractor in Punta Gorda who you can trust to help you with a pain management plan, pick up the phone and give us a call. We offer both chiropractic and massage therapy in order to give you the best opportunity to be healthy and move more easily. Dealing with chronic pain can be stressful, but massage therapy is one of the ways to help reduce that discomfort.

Who Benefits from Massage Therapy?

Nearly everyone benefits from massage therapy. It's not only relaxing, but it can relax tense muscles, loosen tendons and ligaments, and make it easier to move freely. By improving your joint health and giving you back more range of motion without pain, you can focus on all the things you need and want to do in life. From working in a career you enjoy to spending time on hobbies you love, massage therapy is a great way to start feeling better fast.

Is Overall Wellness Care Right for You?

Coupling massage therapy and chiropractic care is a way to focus on total body wellness and an improvement in your overall health. With pain relief it's much easier to start doing more and enjoying experiences and adventures again. Our chiropractor can help you start moving more easily, and massage therapy can be an excellent complement to that.

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Spinal Health and Rehab Integrative Medicine is here to help you. If you're in the Port Charlotte, Arcadia, North Port, Cape Coral, or North Fort Myers area and are in need of chiropractic care, wellness care, massage therapy, or pain management, we're here to help. Call us today to get the help and support you need to feel good again.

  • This place is great!!! Everyone is so friendly and easy to work with. Big shoutout to Dr. V, he is such a great, caring, and knowledgeable guy. They do not waste your time here. Bob and Fern hold down the Physical Therapy. Both of them put you and your needs first. Not only do they help you and work on you, they explain what they are doing and why!! Definitely recommend Spinal Health & Rehab

    - Alex K.


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