Herniated Disc

Understanding Herniated Discs Causes and How Chiropractic Care Can Help

Herniated discs can cause immense pain, muscle weakness, and limited range of motion while disrupting your ability to work or perform daily tasks. Fortunately, Spinal Health and Rehab Integrative Medicine in Punta Gorda, FL, can alleviate herniated discs with chiropractic back pain treatment. We are here to tell you about herniated disc causes and symptoms and how our chiropractic care can help.


What Is a Herniated Disc?

Your spine contains small bones called vertebrae that connect to the spinal column. You have discs between each vertebra for cushioning and shock absorption. The inside of the disc, called the nucleus, is soft and jelly-like. Protecting the nucleus is a tough outer layer called the annulus. Herniated discs occur when part of the nucleus pushes through a tear in the annulus, usually due to age or injury.

Causes and Symptoms of Herniated Discs

The most common cause of herniated discs is aging. As you age, the outer covering becomes worn and dehydrated. This wear and tear can allow the nucleus to bulge through cracks in the annulus. Trauma, including car accidents and sports injuries, can also cause herniated discs.

The most common symptom of a herniated disc is back pain. Most herniations happen in the lower back, but they can also occur in the neck. Pain may extend to other areas, such as the legs and shoulders. You may also experience tingling and numbness in the affected area. Some people have muscle weakness that affects their ability to walk or lift objects.

Chiropractic Treatment for Herniated Discs 

Fortunately, you can often treat herniated discs with chiropractic care. This non-invasive and holistic approach to health focuses on treating the underlying cause of your herniated disc rather than just treating the symptoms. Some of the techniques our chiropractor may use to treat herniated discs include:

Chiropractic Adjustments

Spinal misalignments can lead to herniated discs and exacerbate pain. Your chiropractor can correct these misalignments with chiropractic adjustments. These adjustments use gentle force and pressure to correct misalignments in the spine. Doing this can alleviate pain, decrease inflammation, and improve range of motion.

Massage Therapy 

Your chiropractor may recommend massage therapy as a complementary treatment for herniated discs. This therapy relieves muscle tension and loosens tendons and ligaments surrounding the spine. Doing this can increase blood flow and enhance your body’s healing process. You may also experience an improved range of motion after a massage.

Lifestyle and Nutritional Advice 

Your chiropractor may also recommend changes to your diet and lifestyle to prevent future injuries. They may have you join an exercise program to strengthen your body and reduce the risk of future health complications. They can also provide nutritional supplements to boost your immune system function and maintain health and wellness.

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