Upper Back Pain

Upper Back Pain Hurts, But You Can Likely Treat It

Upper back pain can be rather frustrating. However, many causes of upper back pain are treatable and preventable. Perhaps the most annoying aspect is that the pain can come on suddenly from issues that seem totally minor. If you suffer from upper back pain, Spinal Health and Rehab Integrative Medicine in Punta Gorda, FL, can help you soothe the pain and get your range of motion back.


The Causes of Upper Back Pain Range from Simple to Complicated

Upper back pain can have causes as simple as twisting the wrong way, lifting something the wrong way, or even just standing the wrong way. Identifiable and generally minor pain is the type of pain most people use a heating pad and time to deal with. They only see a spinal doctor or chiropractor if the pain lasts longer than that.

Additional causes of upper back pain can be more chronic or more serious. An accident that causes a spinal injury, for example, requires medical attention quickly and possibly physical therapy, depending on the type and severity of the injury.  People who often carry heavy backpacks can end up with chronic upper back pain, too.

Medical issues that affect the back may result in upper back pain as a side effect. More severe forms of scoliosis or arthritis can really hurt, and someone who has these conditions needs to see a spinal specialist as soon as possible to discuss ways to reduce the pain through addressing the underlying problems. Rarely, upper back pain can be a symptom of an underlying disease like cancer.

Get Help for Your Upper Back Pain

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