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Exercises for Back Pain

At Spinal Health and Rehab Integrative Medicine, our chiropractors often prescribe exercises as a way to manage and treat back pain. Even young adults may begin to experience back pain, especially if they do not exercise or stretch frequently. Our team of chiropractors and massage therapists recommend personalized exercises and stretches you can do to alleviate your back pain and prevent it from reoccurring. If you live in Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, Arcadia, North Port, Cape Coral, or North Fort Myers and are looking for relief from your back pain, here's what you can expect from us. Here are some of the many exercises we may recommend for back pain.

Bird Dog

The bird dog is one of the most common exercises recommended to improve stability. This move involves getting on all fours in a tabletop pose before lifting one arm and the opposite leg so that both are straight. Then, repeat with the other set of limbs.

Knee to Chest (Single and Double)

Lie on your back and bring one or both knees toward your chest. You will feel a release of tension in your back. Performing this exercise also improves your core strength.


The cat-cow exercise requires you to get on all fours. From this position, arch your back and look up before rounding your back and tucking your chin to your chest. Repeat the cat-cow sequence several times, feeling the stretch in your back and shoulders.


Walking is a great way to get some exercise while you are dealing with back pain. It places little stress on your body and helps you warm up before you try some of these other exercises and stretches.

Visit Our Chiropractors for Back Pain Treatment in Punta Gorda, FL

At Spinal Health and Rehab Integrative Medicine, we provide our patients with exercises to help naturally alleviate their back pain and discomfort. If you live in Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, Arcadia, North Port, Cape Coral, or North Fort Myers, call our office for back pain treatment today.

  • This place is great!!! Everyone is so friendly and easy to work with. Big shoutout to Dr. V, he is such a great, caring, and knowledgeable guy. They do not waste your time here. Bob and Fern hold down the Physical Therapy. Both of them put you and your needs first. Not only do they help you and work on you, they explain what they are doing and why!! Definitely recommend Spinal Health & Rehab

    - Alex K.


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